Our mission

Bringing tech and safety together

We understands the value of bringing technology to those who can really benefit from it. We are a growing team of driven people on a mission. If you thrive in a high-paced, high-responsibility, and open environment and want to make the workplaces safer than ever, Buddywise is the place for you.

Who we are

Founder story

At Buddywise, we make workplaces safer. This singular goal inspired Buddywise co-founders Yigit Arin and Lamin Faye to build the world’s first fully automated safety monitoring platform, which today helps customers in heavy industry prevent workplace injuries and fatalities.

Yigit and Lamin, seasoned technology professionals who share a passion for innovation, saw an opportunity to usher in a new era of workplace safety in heavy industry – one that enables data-driven decisions and continuous improvements to safety practices and monitoring.

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Lamin, CEO of Buddywise, has served in various roles across Europe such as VP of Safety and Director of Digitalization at Swedish energy giant, Vattenfall. In 2018, Lamin studied computer vision at Singularity University and was captivated by advances in the field made possible by breakthroughs in deep learning.

Lamin believed computer vision, applied to workplace safety, could dramatically improve safety and productivity by taking safety monitoring beyond the era of paper and pens. At the time, no service used computer vision solely to improve and automate workplace safety monitoring.

Yigit, Buddywise’s CTO, is a creative problem solver and seasoned engineer with a decade of experience managing large codebases for products used by millions. He was part of a global engineering team for Office 365 at Microsoft before joining Spotify in 2016. He started as a software engineer and later served as a Product Manager for new markets, overseeing product and technology.

Yigit was inspired to found Buddywise because of its potential to improve safety and business outcomes in sectors that haven’t yet embraced cutting-edge technology.

Today, Yigit, Lamin and the Buddywise team have a shared mission to build on the company’s growing traction in the marketplace and bring Buddywise to every workplace it can help make safer. The team is driven by Yigit’s and Lamin’s vision that started the Buddywise journey: seeing customers use Buddywise insights to take concrete actions in the real world that make an impact.

The team

We are Buddywise

Liv Cichon

Business Development Manager

Stefan Hesse

Backend Engineer

Adrián Pallas Fernández

Computer Vision Engineer

Stefanos Kanellopoulos

Computer Vision Engineer


Sara Raris Miralles

Lead Computer Vision


Sanan Durani

Frontend Engineer


Lamin Faye

CEO, Founder


Keyvan Dabiri

Head of Business Development


Nathalie Liljebrunn

Customer Success Manager


Yigit Arin

CTO, Founder


Omar Saber

DevOps Engineer

Ata Alqadi

Product Manager

Backed by

Some of our investors

Hans-Olov Blom

Founder Ramudden, CEO Workzone Safety

Hans-Olov started Ramudden 15 years ago and has taken it from a one-man business in Gävle to a European leader in workplace safety. Along the way, he has helped change the view of safety in the construction industry.

Hans Stråberg

Chair Atlas Copco & SKF.

Safety is the highest priority for all industrial companies, and significant investments are made in this area. I believe that the Buddywise team and product have a unique opportunity to change our ability to effectively prevent accidents with the help of their AI-based safety system.


Finnish Nordic industrial tech investor funding early-stage companies building new solutions in the industrial sector.

Martin Lundqvist

CEO, Arundo Analytics

Buddywise combines EHS domain knowledge, rich visual media and advanced analytics to make hazardous working conditions safer and more predictable - A winning combination of an important mission, expert team and proven technology.


Swedish venture capital investor backing founders early building for the AI era.

Mattias Holmström

Partner & Head of Tech, Altor

Safety performance is a crucial business metric. Buddywise offers an efficient digital way to stay on top of the biggest safety risks. That translates to business value for me as an investor.


Aligned sector agnostic early-stage investor and invests in businesses in a wide range of industries – from Ad-tech to consumer goods, ecommerce to property development.


Antler is a global early-stage venture capital firm that builds and invests in the defining technology companies of tomorrow.

What others say

“For me, it was an easy choice joining Buddywise. Building something that can save lives, who doesn’t want to be part of that? It’s not always easy but the focus and agility of the team sure makes it exciting!”

Keyvan Dabiri

Head of Business Development