What we offer

Covering the most common risk scenarios

How we do it

Why Buddywise

  • Deviceless

    Computer Vision enables autonomous risk observations without requiring any personal devices.

  • Real time

    Our solution collect safety data 24/7, with real-time AI analytics, without needing a break.

  • Limitless

    The rich data in images enables us to address an almost limitless range of safety risks through the same camera.

  • Cost effective

    Automated safety monitoring is a fraction of the cost of inspections and eliminates manual reporting.

What others say

“Safety is the highest priority for all industrial companies, and significant investments are made in this area. I believe that the Buddywise team and product have a unique opportunity to change our ability to effectively prevent accidents with the help of their AI-based safety system.”

Hans Stråberg

Buddywise Investor

Chair Atlas Copco & SKF