We create safer workplaces

Buddywise prevents injuries and loss of life by using real-time risk detection to help companies proactively build a safer workplace 

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How we do it

Beyond human vision

Our AI models see the world the way we humans do - through the rich lens of vision. Just like the human, our models can identify visual safety risks, but with higher accuracy and precision and without losing focus. They identify patterns and deviations to learn from what it sees, making it better the longer your team uses it. Our Computer Vision analytics is not dependent on personal devices, making it ideal for the deskless worker.

  • Up to 99% accurate
  • Continuously improving 
  • Unbiased detections
  • Perfect for the deskless worker

What others say

”I am impressed by the performance and accuracy of the system, even with tough weather conditions and poor lighting. Already during the pilot phase we can see how the solution reduced the time spent on monitoring and reacting to alarms. Most importantly, it really improves the Safety and Security at site.”

Simon Hedberg

CEO, Nords International